Warning Against ICorpSecurities Broker Scam Facilitated By Axi Group and BridgerPay!

Investor warning against ICorpSecurities facilitated by BridgerPay
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Israeli-Cyprus BridgerPay of Ran Cohen recently announced the successful completion of $6 million in seed funding with Southern Israel Bridging Fund (SIBF), touting its smart payment gateway. Among other things, this would also detect fraud and ensure that credit card payment rejection rates would drop dramatically. Well, the BridgerPay intelligent software evidently failed to detect the ICorp Securities broker scam and thus facilitates it happily. The Spanish CNMV recently issued a warning against it.

Key Data

Trading nameICorpSecurities
Related domainwww.terraxa.com
Legal entityicorpsecurities LIMITED (fake)
JurisdictionEstonia (Terms & Conditions)
Broker platformSirix by Leverate
Payment optionCredit and debit card
Payment facilitatorBridgerPay
Connected to/
Facilitated by
One Financial Markets (Axi Group)
(hosting and data services)
Related brandsDBFX, NewFX, OnspotBNK

Short Narrative

ICorpSecurities facilitated by OneFinancialMarkets BridgerPay and Sirix

We have noticed that when ICorpSecurities is loading its data from several servers. Among them Terraxa (www.terraxa.com), Sirix (www.sirix.com), and the servers of FCA-regulated investment firm One Financial Markets (see screenshot left).

At the beginning of May 2022, we exposed that One Financial Markets supports various offshore brokers such as DBFX, NewFX, or OnspotBNK. We found precisely this loading process in our reviews of these unauthorized brokers. Therefore, we may make the fact-based conclusion that One Financial Markets supports the ICorpSecurities broker scam.

One Financial Markets is the trading name of Axi Financial Services (UK) Limited and the Australian Axi Group.

Read the detailed report on One Financial Markets and Axi Group here.

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If you have any pertinent information about ICorp Securities, One Financial Markets, Axi Group, or any other facilitator, please share it with us through our whistleblower system, Whistle42.

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