Worldmarkets Scam Update – Another bank and beneficiary exposed

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It is always embarrassing how long some scams last despite many warnings. Even more astonishing is the fact that banks and payment processors can be found again and again to support these scams with their services. One of these amazing cases is the Broker Scam Worldmarkets. Under this really first-class domain, a scam is operated since at least 2018 and has already ripped off thousands of small investors. FinTelegram has reported about it several times.

We have received a new bank account and documentation from one of our whistleblowers. In this case, it is again a Polish bank and a Polish recipient.

  • Scam: Worldmarkets (www.worldmarkets.com)
  • Bank: BNP PARIBAS (Poland)
  • Beneficiary: NET KANTOR Sp Z.O.O, Dzialkowa 6, 62-044 Kicin, Poland (companies register)
  • IBAN (Account number): PL88160014621893459230000013
  • Reference/Note: 1059

We trust that with this disclosure the bank account will be closed and that BNP Paribas will take appropriate measures to ensure that the money is secured and that the persons concerned are held accountable.

Worldmarkets is one of those scams that massively rely on cryptocurrencies to steal the money of their customer victims as anonymously as possible. Currently, client-victims are asked to deposit Bitcoins (BTC) to the blockchain address 1Jvg61MZJSapSq2xvk7RV5Aw3CWSVKyCUp. As of May 25, 2020, more than BTC40 (some $360,000) have been received by this address.

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