Announcement – FinTelegram 2.0, CyberSecurity Profilers, and how to intensify the fight against cyberscams

Spread financial intelligence

Having 18 months of intensive work behind FinTelegram uses the summer heat to further its fight for a safe online investment market. Hence, in another advance on the learning curve FinTelegram adjusts activities. In the future FinTelegram – as the name suggests – will mainly focus on short investigative reports on #Cyberfinance. The focus continues to be the uncovering of cyberscams and the exposure of bad actors. In addition, we also want to critically present new #Cyberfinance activities. FinTelegram will stand for short, concise updates in the future. The detailed reports, on the other hand, will be provided by the partner site Cybersecurity Profilers.

CyberSecurity Profilers

Together with international partners, we want to fight the increasing trend towards #Cybercrime and #CyberScams on the new website CyberSecurity Profilers (www.cysecprofilers.com). This will be the platform to present the profiles of bad actors, potential perpetrators, and their illicit ventures. Although most of the content will be free in the very best interest of investor protection the platform intends to sell deep-research reports to fund its operation. The CyberSecurity Profilers will be the heart of the fight against the #CyberScammer.

FinTelegram has become too complex for the systematic search for specific facts. The CyberSecurity Profiles, on the other hand, will condense data into profiles and thus provide an overview. FinTelegram will provide the updates. It should be a good configuration for the months to come. Together we embrace and chase cyberscammers in a more flexible structure.

CyberSecurity Profilers already maintained the different warning lists over the last couple of weeks. In the next step, the profiles of bad actors will be available. Currently, CyberSecurity Profilers is in its very early stage, hence the experimental state. This will quickly improve.

From lawyers and scam facilitators

With this strategic repositioning, we also want to counter the increasing attacks on our hosting companies by people such as the Israeli payment services pundits Eyal Nachum or Tamir Zoltovski and their companies. These people support and facilitate the worst #CyberScams with their payment service. Moreover, until recently, they operated the Hermes Solution Podgorica DOO, an illegal payment service provider that is now the subject of criminal investigations in Montenegro. The suspicion is money laundering. FinTelegram has been in Serbia and Montenegro for the last few days and has received more relevant documents and information on this subject.

Payobin and Hermes Solution, for example, were involved in the Binary Option-Scam BinaryBook as payment partners. They allegedly performed KYC/AML checks on the scheme. The respective legal opinion was provided by the Israeli lawyer Moshe Strugano. Bravo! The Israeli Lee Elbaz was convicted of fraud by a jury in the US early August 2019 for investment fraud around BinaryBook.

Hermes Solution and broker schemes
Hermes Solution facilitated BinaryBook and other broker scams

However, Eyal Nachum and Tamir Zoltovski do not want FinTelegram to discuss their activities. Therefore they complain to one of FinTelegram’s hosting partners, whining about libel, defamation and credit damage. And they threaten the hosting partner with lawsuits and false claims. Better said, they threaten via their Israeli lawyers, the Tel Aviv law firm Zioni Pillersdorf Phillip. Well, they are of course entitled to fight FinTelegram as we fight them.

Eyal Nachum and Tamir Zoltovski complain about being slandered on FinTelegram (The Website)

The law firm complained that their clients had not given their consent to the articles. A bad joke, isn’t it? We never get the approval of scammers and their partners! FinTelegram contacted Nachum and Zoltovski personally several times and received not even a response. The facts behind the reports speak for themselves anyway.

The lesson to learn

Reports on the facilitation of scam brokers against which warnings have been issued by financial market regulators of various countries are neither libel, nor defamation or credit damage. They are simply a description of the illegality of these actions and an indication to authorities and investors to investigate and watch out.


Despite the frequently confirmed participation in Scams and despite the also confirmed involvement in the illegal payment services provider Hermes Solution Podgorica DOO, the two friends Eyal Nachum and Tamir Zoltovski operate the financial services provider Moneta Internatioal UAB, which is regulated by the Lithuanian Financial Market Authority. Interesting, isn’t it? It’s time to wake up in Lithuania.

  1. John says:

    Why you don’t sell that a lawsuit was filed in Israel against you by these companies in the amount of 1 million Euro?

      1. John the doe says:

        I am talking about a lawsuit that was filed in Israel district court in Tel Aviv against Werner Böhm, who changed his name two times in the British corporate registry and Fintelegram. If you believe in your ridiculous accusations come the court. Why you don’t publish this basic fact???

        1. Charlene Lensburg says:

          Oh, so you are one of the “innocent” Israeli scammers establishing tons of shell companies and scamming European retail investors. And now you are complaining about change of company names and the spelling issue between Boehm and Böhm. Pls be aware that all the reports of fintelegram are double-checked and be assured that any lawsuit filed in Israel (we do not know about) will not prevent us from telling the truth about you and the other fraudsters. If you are innocent – provide proof to us and be assured that we will change the reports on you.
          Otherwise stop trying to scare everybody JOHN DOE and pls take with you all the other Israeli fraudsters who have ripped off innocent European retail investors for years.

          1. tamir says:

            Well, I suggest to calm down. We are a critical media and hence we have to accept critics as well. Fair enough! FinTelegram and its people are threatened on a daily basis actually. We receive threats of lawsuits from alleged perpetrators and their lawyers. But we have not received a lawsuit so far and if so our lawyers will deal with it accordingly. As we work closely with police and authorities in different jurisdictions we are in no way anonymous. Even down in Israel it is known who we are and that we work closely with enforcement agencies.

            Even our phone numbers are well known in the scene and I do think we have yours. FinTelegram is always open for discussions, criticism and information.

  2. John the doe says:

    Really, let’s see what the court in Canada said about Werner:

    “Boehm’s actions in fraudulently amending the company’s register to transfer the shares of AdBit to MezzaCap Investments, carrying on negotiations with third parties on the basis that he was running AdBit … He attempted to fraudulently misappropriate BitRush’s property.
    Finally, Boehm’s actions in transferring a total of CDN $561,373 from BitRush to companies controlled by him and subsequently refusing to account for the transfers or return the money when requested constitutes further misappropriation of BitRush’s property…
    Boehm caused the affairs of BitRush to be conducted in a manner that was oppressive, unfairly prejudicial and unfairly disregarded BitRush and its shareholders and in breach of his fiduciary duties to BitRush״

    Well, that’s sounds like a fraud to me. Big time fraud. So someone that a court found that he made fraud writes about others and blaming them for making “fraud”. Do you see the irony here?

    And few questions for you:
    1. Did you receive money to delete posts?
    2. Why the name of the company that runs the website was changed from FinTelegram UK to a non existing marshal island company?
    3. Why you use fake people (“Tamir Cohn” for example)?
    4. What is the contact details of Werner and it’s true name (only people that make frauds use three different names), and what is his address? It seems that he is hiding from the law.

    Eventually this website looks like a scam, something that was created to extort people and I guess you were successful few times.

    1. Charlene Lensburg says:

      Uwe Lenhoff and the board of BitRush would even have pretended that Werner had killed someone to get Werner out of Bitrush to be able to do their shabby business with Uwe Lenhoff and his criminal organization. By now Uwe Lenhoff is in prison, his partner Gal Barak wanted with EU arrest warrent and Joachim Kalcher the former CTO of Bitrush is one of the other defendents along with a dozen others. They have been binary options fraudster and Werner refused to work with them. I guess that gives him quite credibility to chase fraudsters, doesn’t it? So what is your point? you should definitely care more about your business.

      What we see is that the good times for the binary option fraudsters and their service providers (like your guys) are over- the European and the US prosecutors are all very much interested in the information provided on Fintelegram. Interestingly they do not have an issue with the Bitrush court case… probably they know the truth and just care about the fraud on thousands of innocent retail investors.

  3. John the doe says:

    So come to the court in Israel to prove you ridiculous claims. Why you are so afraid?
    Why you didn’t answer my question? You have something to hide? Who is “Charlene lensburg”? Another fake person?

    1. tamir says:

      Please Eyal Nachum, didn’t we have an hour-long discussion yesterday? Didn’t I ask you several times to let me know where exactly our reports are wrong or misleading? You have not been able to come up with one single point! Not one! Strange, isn’t it?

      Your general statement “all lies” is as stupid as it is childish. Let us have your points and we will take a very close look at it. The only thing you are doing is hitting and blaming others but you are not making your point.

      You are blaming all your former partners of fraud. You did this with Guy Galboiz and you Melvyn. Ridiculous. As a matter of fact your Payobin, Hermes Solution, or Moneta International worked with the biggest binary options schemes. That’s a fact and not a defamation. Your Hermes Solution was simply a criminal payment services provider you ran with your monkey Oded, didn’t you? Where is the lie or defamation here, Eyal?

    2. Charlene Lensburg says:

      Yes John Doe, I am fake (hihi) like you, but you are in addition an Israeli scammer hiding in Israel – but do not worry your days are counted. Only some more days (weeks maybe) to go and FBI and the European prosecutors will come to get you and your friends and your piles of stolen money will not help you at all. Cheers my dear.

  4. Johnthedoedoe says:

    Mr Werner, why you are deleting comments stating a court decision you made fraud? You are afraid because it’s true! You made fraud.

    1. tamir says:

      You are simply childish, sorry! You are not communicating with “Mr. Werner” you are communicating with FinTelegram, with Charlene and Tamir. If you are so interested to find/show the truth, you should come up with facts. Again, I asked you several times, Eyal. And you have produced exactly this ridiculous accusation against other people. Where are the fact about the alleged lies? To defame others is your defense line? Will not really work, trust me!

    2. Werner says:

      Hi Eyal or whoever you are. I am the “Mr Werner” you are reffering to and whom you are defaming right now. I was the founder of BitRush Corp and the CEO. Already in 2016, I refused to work with the binary options fraudsters like Uwe Lenhoff or Gal Barak after we did a due diligence. We saw the fraud and the money launering. This is why my fellow shareholders wanted me out. They filed a lawsuit before the Commercial Court in Toronto which is a civil court. They filed false affidavits with the Court. Hence, I decided not to defend myself in the court case but to file criminal complaints against them instead. This is the only reason why those guys won the lawsuit in Toronto against me with their false affidavits which already caused them huge troubles.

      The result: Uwe Lenhoff is arrested, Gal Barak is wanted with EU arrest warrant and a dozen other people in this fraudulent network are recorded as suspects in the criminal files. And there is more to come from enforcement agencies and prosecutors. That’s the only truth and it’s all in the criminal files. Yes, those guys destroyed BitRush in the first place but the game is not over yet. Back in 2016, like all binary options scammers, they were the kings of the world. Now public and authorities see the fraud! They are criminals.

      I am not personally involved in the daily Fintelegram business but I know that those guys are doing a great job.


  5. Jane the doe says:

    John the doe is upset to have had his stolen money ‘stolen’ from him! hahahaa (allegedly) now that’s ironic isn’t it having a taste of his own medicine!!! This is a great site.

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