Attention! Another Regulatory Warning Against SpotInvest Broker Scam!

Warning against SpotInvest broker scam
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A while ago, Spanish regulator CNMV warned against the broker scam BBanc, allegedly operated by St. Vincent & The Grenadines registered Primis LLC (report here). On 8 Sept 2022, the UK FCA warned against this offshore broker, as did the French AMF and the Canadian FCNB. Primis LLC was also the operator of the vanished FX Changer scam. The UK FCA warned against SpotInvest, another scam operated by Primis LLC. SpotInvest acts as a clone of FCA-regulated Spot Finance Limited.

Key Data

Trading namesSpotInvest
Legal entityPrimis LLC est. Feb 2022
Spotinvest Inc. (fake)
Corporate agentEuro-Caribbean Trustees Ltd
JurisdictionsSt. Vincent & The Grenadines
Island of Moheli
registered on the Island of Moheli as a brokerage firm
Payment optionsBank wire
Crypto via credit card CoiniChanger (https://coini-changer.com)
Crypto via credit card Mirhax (https://mirhax.com)
Black Rabbit (https://brpay.io)

Short narrative

Primis claims to be registered as a broker with the Mwali International Services Authority on the Island of Moheli. The website also states a Spotinvest Inc. is an operator. This is all smoke and mirror. These offshore entities are either fake or empty shell companies.

No broker scam can work without facilitating payment processors. In our BBanc review, we have discovered Coini-Changer, ChargeMoney, the Russian-Canadian Black Rabbit, a registered money services business (MSB), and the Lithuanian crypto payment processor and exchange operator Mirhax payment processor. The latter is registered with the Lithuanian FNTT (Financial Crime Investigation Service). SpotInvest does not list any payment options but informs the new registrants that the account manager (boiler room agent) would give them the payment data.

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If you have any information about the scam operator Primis LLC and their scams Spotinvest, FX Changer, or BBanc, please let us know via our whistleblower system, Whistle42.


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