Attention: Keler Group Broker Scam Vanished After More Regulatory Warnings!

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The Keler Group broker scam has been active since early 2022 and has ripped off thousands of consumers. Victims’ deposits were processed via crypto payment processors such as the Russian AllCoinSwapper. Most recently, Swiss regulator FINMA placed Keler Group on its warning list following several reports by FinTelegram. The scam broker’s website and the victims’ money have vanished.

Keler Group Key Data

Trading nameKeler Group
Legal entitiesDasilion EOOD, Bulgaria
Digital Markets, Switzerland
Promoted byYuanPay fraud campaign
Payment facilitatorsAllCoinSwapper (www.allcoinswapper.com)
Trustpilot1.6-star rating with “Poor” trust level
Compliance ratingBlack

The scam narrative

Keler Group presents itself as a “boutique” crypto trader. The website claims that Digital Markets operates the broker with an address in Geneva, Switzerland. Another operator of the disappeared scam was Bulgaria-based Dasilion EOOD.

Victims were able to make deposits only via Tether stablecoin (USDT). Our initial review revealed potential victims were instructed to purchase USDT at the crypto exchange AllCoinSwapper website (https://crm.allcoinswapper.com). The purchase was processed through AllCoinSwapper via API.

Our new review on July 10, 2023, found that AllCoinSwapper is no longer processing the scam’s deposits. They dropped out many months ago after FinTelegram uncovered the Keler Group scam.

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