Breaking News – high-risk payment processor OctaPay vanished with the client money

high-risk payment processor OctaPay vanished
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It’s not really a surprise. On the contrary, industry insiders expected it. OctaPay, the high-risk payment processor launched just a few months ago, has disappeared with its high-risk clients’ funds. Its websites are offline, as are LinkedIn profiles such as those of CEO Madhumita Singh. According to UK Companies House, she also resigned as a director of OctaPay Limited on March 11, 2021, and is no longer the beneficial owner. She is, however, still a director of PSP Technology Limited and PSP Network Limited.

The former OctaPay CEO Europe, Christian van Biezen, already informed FinTelegram last year that OctaPay would be a scam and run by the same people as iPayTotal. This, in turn, is denied by the iPayTotal people. However, in the light of the many circumstantial evidence, we assume that Christian van Biezen is right and OctaPay is a branch of the ailing iPayTotal.

We will do further research and report back. If you have any information about OctaPay or iPaytotal and involved persons and companies, we would appreciate it if you share it with our research team.

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