Breaking News – Beneficial Owners Of Illegal Payment Services Provider Hermes Solution Podgorica DOO Exposed

Eyal Nachim Tamir Zoltovski Oded Jermetsky and Hermes Solution
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A few weeks ago, FinTelegram uncovered the illegal payment service provider Hermes Solution Podgorica DOO thanks to the efforts of participating whistleblowers. Reading bank statements and following the money, we were able to link dozens of illegal and fraudulent broker scams to Hermes Solution. Clients of these illegal broker scams, for example, have made bank wires to the illegal broker schemes via Hermes Solution‘s bank accounts. Among others, Atlas Banka, which had become insolvent in the meantime, was used in this money laundering activities. According to the available data, Hermes Solution was (is) one of the largest illegal PSPs in EEA in the area of broker scams.

Israel – Marshall Islands – Montenegro

New information sent to FinTelegram reveals the people behind Hermes Solution. One of its shareholders is SeeddPay Ltd, registered on the Marshall Islands and managed by Israeli Oded Jeremitsky. He is also the responsible manager in Payotech Ltd (Fintech N.V.) and its PayObin platform. The bank managing the account for the Payotech is the Israeli Haopalim.

Behind Payotech Ltd are the two Israelis Tamir Zoltovsiki and Eyal Nachum. Both are also shareholders and managers of Moneta International UAB, which is registered and licensed in Lithuania.

Eyal is acting as Chairman of the Management Board of Moneta International. Actually, Eyal and Tamir have been using their SeeddPay-Hermes Solution construct for years now for illicit payment business as we learned from email communication available to the FinTelegram Research Team:

The discovery of the structures behind the Hermes Solution Podgorica DOO is one of the biggest breakthroughs in the fund recovery activities of European Funds Recovery Initiative (EFRI) against illegal payment service providers. These PSPs are contributors to the fraud of retail investors and must be held liable by the victims of those broker scams and the authorities.

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The new information will greatly advance the EFRI campaign against payment services providers (PSP) facilitating investor fraud. Fraud facilitating PSPs have to be held accountable for the stolen money! Authorities and regulators for sure will support this approach.

to be continued

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