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Cointed co-founder Christopher RIEDER allegedly involved in the Optioment scheme
Cointed co-founder Christopher RIEDER

We have just been informed that on April 12, 2018, Austrian Authorities have executed a search warrant in the Cointed office facilities. This enforcement action was obviously related with the OPTIOMENT case. As reported already the Cointed co-founder Christopher RIEDER is one of several suspects in the OPTIOMENT case. According to some other suspected people RIEDER was one of the masterminds behind the OPTIOMENT investment scheme. RIEDER allegedly left Austria shortly after OPTIOMENT’s collapse and was not available for media since then.

Cointed finished a mediocre ICO back in February 2018. The company was looking to raise some USD 100 million via the issuance of it ERC20-based Cointed token (CDT). Actually, only around USD 4 million was raised in the ICO from investors close to the company. Only 6.1 million tokens were placed with investors which is less than 1% of the total volume of 650 million tokens. Hence, it’s questionable at least how Cointed is going to finance its aggressive global expansion with offices in Vienna, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Turkey, Sweden and other locations. The former partner Generyl Bytes, a producer of Crypto-ATMs, blamed Cointed of IP infringements and accused the company and its founder Christopher RIEDER of lying to investors about Cointed’s assets and abilities.


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