Illegal broker BTC-Trends promoted by THE NEWS SPY fraud campaign

BTC Trends broker scam facilitated by The News Spy fraud campaign
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The offshore broker BTC-Trends (www.btc-trends.com), operated by Cordelino Ltd, registered in St. Vincent & the Grenadines, does not have a license and is most certainly a scam. The scam is being promoted today via THE NEWS SPY fraud campaign on the SafeInvestmentNow (https://safeinvestmentnow.com/thenewsspy) website. PaynetEasy is the scam-facilitating payment processor for credit and debit card payments. Registration is apparently not currently possible directly through the website. Potential victims have to be referred via one of the fraudulent marketing campaigns that operate as Introducing Brokers (IB).

In addition to credit and debit card payments, the BTC-Trends scam also allows users to deposit and lose their money via Bitcoin and MT5Apps. On Trustpilot, BTC-Trends has a 3.8-star rating with several 1-star reviews with scam warnings posted recently. People complain that they lost a lot of money. The scam is available in English, Spanish, German and Russian languages.

Cordelino Ltd was registered in September 2020 through the notorious Wilfred Services Ltd and therefore has the registered office at the Company Builder’s headquarters at Beachmont Business Centre, 136 in Kingstown.

Stay far away from BTC trends to safeguard your money and data. Also, under no circumstances register with fraudulent campaigns like THE NEWS SPY. By doing so, you are also exposing their data for systematic abuse by scammers. Do not let your greed defeat your reason.

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