Law Enforcement Action Day In Ukraine Against Boiler Room Operators!

Law enforcement actions against cybercrime organizations in Israel Cyprus and Ukraine
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Cyberpolice in Ukraine conducted an action day and raided several boiler rooms associated with broker scams. The scammers allegedly stole more than €200 million per year. The Ukraine cyberpolice arrested five citizens participating in a large-scale international criminal scheme. The Ukraine action day was conducted in cooperation with law enforcement officers of Albania, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Latvia, and Spain.

The investigation of cyber fraud began in 2020, in particular in Ukraine. So far, seven countries have initiated court cases based on this fact. year.

The scammers promised their victims high profits when investing in cryptocurrency or securities (stocks, bonds, futures, options). As always, the victims could not withdraw their big profits. The scams worked with boiler rooms in several European countries. More than 2,000 people worked there.

There were three such all-centers on the territory of Ukraine, managed by five Ukrainian citizens. According to Europol, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have been affected by the illegal activities of this scam network. Damages are estimated at more than 200 million euros per year.

Law enforcement officers conducted searches in the homes of those involved, as well as at the addresses of call centers in Kyiv and Ivano-Frankivsk.

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