Pradexx again! FMA warns against the payment processor’s scam client iTradeFX

FMA warns against iTradeFX
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FinTelegram readers are not new to our opinion that payment processors are responsible for many scams and damaged victims. Without payment processors knowingly and willingly participating, 99% of the scams would not be possible in the first place. One of these payment processors is the Estonian Pradexx operating with one of those worthless FIU crypto licenses. Today we found Pradexx again as a scam facilitator in iTradeFX (www.itradefx.capital), against which the FMA has issued an investor warning. Would someone in the Estonian FIU finally take action, please?!

High-Risk Payment Processors Report

According to the information provided on the iTradeFX scams website, it is operated by an MM Capital Group Ltd. But this is irrelevant anyway because you will never catch these scammers. But you can catch regulated payment processors like Pradexx.

These scams facilitating payment processors, and their individuals are legally qualified as co-conspirators and therefore liable to compensate their clients’ victims for their losses. Under criminal law, these scam-facilitating payment processors’ directors should be charged with aiding and abetting fraud.

Pradexx OÜ, as the operator of the two payment platforms, is a customer of the regulated Lithuanian GlobalNetInt UAB (GNI). This is also noteworthy. We brought to GNI’s attention that Pradexx is involved in numerous scams as a facilitator. This should not really interest anyone there.

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