Problems at OctaPay – European director fired for refusing to accept illegal practices!

Octapay fires CEO Christian van Biezen
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A few days ago, we issued a Request 4 Information (R4I) regarding the high-risk payment processors OctaPay and iPayTotal. According to several reports, the two payment processors are connected through Vishal Coodye and its Rashal International LLC. We have since received confirmation that the Europe headquarters is in Cyprus. In addition, on 9 Dec 2020, OctaPay announced that its European CEO Christian van Biezen was fired because he refused to accept Octopay‘s illegal business practices.

The LinkedIn profile of Christian van Biezen tells us that he was Octopay‘s Director of Strategic Partnerships and the company’s CEO for Europe. Currently, he is looking for a new job. His departure from Octapay might have been a rather dirty business we hear from insiders. We reached out to van Biezen for a statement to the massive accusations and will report.

Octapay Limited was founded on 16 September 2020. According to UK Companies House, the sole director and beneficial owner is Madhumita Singh, born in January 1987 (LinkedIn profile).

In the payment processor scene, it is believed that iPayTotal and Octapay are connected. Especially against iPayTotal, there are heavy accusations of blackmailing merchants and/or partners and non-payouts. We are currently unable to confirm with certainty the accuracy of these public accusations. If you have any information about this, we would be happy if you would share it with us.

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  1. Ben Givon says:

    Hi there, we will immediately re-check the facts. The link to iPayTotal was provided by a well-known forum focused on offshore business. In several postings from the forum owner and other forum members Rashal International LLC was mentioned in the context of iPayTotal. Evidence has been given and we received respective confirmations from the authors. But, nevertheless, we recheck the report and will in any way provide an additional statement.

    Team FinTelegram

  2. The “late” Vishal Coodye was a lying, thieving, scamming dirtbag. In a perfect world, he would have been found floating face down in the Indian Ocean with a bullet in his brain; however, in the real world, “Christian Agora” and Vishal Coodye are alive and well, and almost certainly the same person.

    Any merchant looking for high risk processing should STAY THE HELL AWAY from Rashal International, iPayTotal, Octapay and NeoBanq. They are all just different toilets connected to the same septic tank…

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