Vladislav ‘Vlad’ Kogan: The Elusive Money Launderer Facing Law Enforcement Heat in Australia and Europe!

Australien court rules against money launderer Vladislav Kogan
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In the tangled web of global cybercrime, Vladislav “Vlad” Kogan, a Russian-born Australian, is a key player in a multimillion-dollar laundering saga. According to criminal files from the Gal Barak and Uwe Lenhoff cybercrime case, Kogan facilitated the laundering of hundreds of millions through his Czech-based company, Xtrabit s.r.o., for numerous scams. While European courts and defrauded victims demand restitution, Kogan faces legal battles in Australia, with assets frozen since 2019.

The European Crime Legacy

Court order against Vladislav Kogan and Xtrabit

In a plot twist worthy of a crime novel, an Austrian court found Xtrabit guilty in October 2018 of facilitating the Option888 binary options scam. Ordered to reimburse a victim, Vlad Kogan and Xtrabit turned a blind eye but disappeared, leaving no trace and no funds for the victims. A bailiff’s visit to Xtrabit‘s office in Prague revealed the smoke and mirrors – a mere virtual address. Kogan had emptied Xtrabit‘s Czech bank accounts and fled, leaving victims and the courts high and dry.

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To Kogan’s woes, Australian authorities issued a restraint order in December 2019, freezing the Kogan family’s assets amid suspicions of money laundering, tax evasion, and other offenses.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) is investigating the case. Among the seized assets were a $4.3 million villa, luxury cars, bank accounts belonging to Kogan and his businesses, and, of course, crypto funds. Cybercrime certainly pays off!

Despite no trial or formal charges yet, the Supreme Court of New South Wales upheld the restraining order on December 14, 2023.

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Vladislav Kogan spent a fortune on the education of his children

The twist? Kogan’s five children, enrolled in an elite private school with unpaid fees exceeding $587,000 between 2020 and 2023, faced an uncertain future as their parents’ assets, earmarked for their education, were frozen. Vladislav Kogan filed a motion in October 2023 to ensure that the payments due to the private school are made from the frozen funds. On Dec 14, 2023, the court dismissed this motion. The court considered it proven that expensive schools are not part of a family’s normal living expenses and found that Kogan and his wife continued to send the children to the private school despite knowing about the frozen assets.

Kogan, as the sole shareholder and director of Dealtex Capital and Digitec Trading, has seen a substantial influx of international funds. Authorities traced over $4.4 million to Dealtex Capital and identified numerous deposits below the reporting threshold to Kogan’s personal bank accounts, signaling potential money laundering activities.

Despite the AFP’s findings and the ongoing legal challenges, Kogan remains a figure of intrigue and mystery. His significant global network of companies suggests a wealth reserve outside Australia, beyond the reach of local authorities. Currently, Kogan is a persona non grata in Europe, where he is sought by both authorities and victims. Rumors suggest he now frequents Dubai, a new haven for individuals with murky pasts.

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