Gennaro Lanza Celebrates His ‘Entrepreneurial Triumph’ Amidst Defamation Battle!

Gennaro Lanza v Gripio
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Invest Group Global recently proclaimed an “entrepreneurial triumph” under the leadership of Founder, Angel Investor, and CEO Gennaro Lanza, proudly boasting a purported yearly revenue of a staggering $15 million for 2023. While the press release touts this achievement with celebratory language, a closer inspection reveals a narrative rife with red flags and questionable practices associated with Lanza’s broker schemes and activities.

As reported by FinTelegram, Lanza is apparently in a defamation battle with the operators of the Gripeo website. At least, that’s what the website GennaroLanza.com reports. This press release, with many links to Lanza’s websites, is probably a countermeasure.

Gennaro Lanza‘s purported success with Invest Group Global (website) raises eyebrows, especially in light of numerous warnings issued by FinTelegram and financial regulators regarding his broker schemes and boiler room activities. The use of strong words like “entrepreneurial triumph” seems more like a promotional tactic than an objective press release, prompting a critical examination of the claimed achievements.

The Invest Group Global Limited is registered in the Seychelles and claims offices in Malta, Cyprus, Dubai, Canada, and Nigeria.

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The $15 million revenue milestone is positioned as a testament to Lanza’s exceptional leadership and strategic acumen, but a growing list of regulatory actions and red listings against his ventures raises concerns about the ethical and legal practices within the Invest Group Global umbrella.

Urgend Warning against offshore brokers NewFX DBFX and DBinvesting

The subsidiary, DB Investing, holding a Seychelles license since 2020, has been recognized at industry events such as the Smart Vision Investment Expo 2023 in Cairo, Egypt. However, considering the regulatory warnings and critical reports surrounding Gennaro Lanza‘s ventures, these accolades are met with skepticism.

Lanza’s commitment to providing the “best possible trading experience” is juxtaposed against the numerous red flags and regulatory concerns associated with his ventures. The touted plans for expansion into Latam, India, and Asia regions raise questions about the potential global impact of his controversial activities.

While the press release highlights Gennaro Lanza‘s awards, including The Most Innovative Broker and Fastest Growing Broker, it conveniently omits the warnings and red listings issued against his enterprises. The awards, presented as achievements, become dubious when juxtaposed with the ongoing scrutiny by financial regulators.

Lanza’s commitment to mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs is commendable, but it raises ethical questions when considering the controversies surrounding his own business practices. The dichotomy between corporate triumphs and ethical concerns adds layers to the narrative, prompting a critical look at the true impact of Lanza’s ventures on the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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