Investor warning against a clone of CySEC-regulated ATFX Global!

investor warning against ATFX Global
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After ten days without any warning issued, the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) resumed its obligations and issued several warnings. Among them is one against the broker scam ATFX Global which attacks German-speaking investors with the domain www.atfxglobal.info. The scam also goes as TraderDesk (httsp://atfx.traderdesk.net) and ATFX Users Portal 24 (https://users-portal.com). The operator of the scam is allegedly Cyprus-registered ATFX Global Markets (CY) Ltd. This is an investment firm regulated by CySEC with license number 285/15 that operates the ATFX broker with the approved domain www.atfxgm.eu.

Key Data

BrandsATFX Global, ATFX Users Portal 24, TraderDesk, PenteTrade24, Citadel Securities
Domainshttps://atfxglobal.info, https://atfx.traderdesk.net, https://users-portal.com, Pente24.com, https://citadelsecurities.center
Related EntitiesPente Management LLC
JurisdictionDelaware, United States
ATFX Users Portal 24 aka ATFX Global broker scam

Scam Narrative

After registering on the website https://atfx.traderdesk.net/secure you received a confirmation email from [email protected] via pente24.com welcoming us to ATFX Users Portal 24. The domain Pente24.com belongs to PenteTrade24 broker which is operated by Pente Management LLC in Delaware, United States. Those who want to register there will in turn be redirected to the Citadel Securities website (https://citadelsecurities.center). That sounds confusing? It is! Anyway, it seems that the ATFX Global scam is connected to PenteTrade24 and Citadel Securities.

We are sure that ATFX Global Markets (CY) Ltd is not the operator of the ATFX Global scam on the TraderDesk platform. The scam is exceptionally poorly done and apparently only attacks German-speaking consumers. However, the German is abysmal and the website overall is very poorly done. No one with any bit of brain would invest money there. However, we know that the Boiler Room agents behind these scams are often very convincing and always find victims.

Stay far away from the ATFX Global a/k/a TraderDesk a/k/a ATFX Users Portal 24 scam. If you have any information about the scam and its operators, please let us know. You can send us the information anonymously through our whistleblower system Whistle42.

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