Payment Services Provider MoneyNetInt Involved in “Lenhoff-Barak” Scheme

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The FinTelegram research team is systematically screening the market for Payment Services Providers (PSP) that support illegal broker schemes. Without the deliberate or negligent involvement of these PSPs, it would not be possible for the perpetrators to rip off hundreds of thousands of retail investors worldwide. With MoneyNetInt Ltd, registered in the UK, we have again found a PSP that is involved in illegal activities on a large scale.

Regulated By UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

MoneyNetInt Ltd is a UK registered company which is also registered as a PSP with the UK Financial Conduct Authority. According to the information available to FinTelegram, the company is already the subject of money laundering investigations by Interpol and Europol.

MoneyNetInt Ltd has also been involved in the “Lenhoff-Barak” organization and facilitated the laundering of many millions of illicit proceeds. Millions of client funds were funneled via MoneyNetInt from bank accounts of Global Payment Solutions Podgorica and the Czech Xtrabit s.r.o. These funds were deposited by clients (traders) of illegal broker platforms for the purpose of trading binary options, CFDs and FOREX products in the first place.

The operators of these illegal schemes transferred the funds from their “broker accounts” via fictitious invoices (e.g. marketing, consulting, commissions), laundered and transferred them via participating PSPs such as MoneyNetInt to their offshore entities. In the case of the “Lenhoff-Barak” organization, we have documents proving that millions have been laundered and moved through MoneyNetInt and its bank accounts in Germany, Poland or Liechtenstein using also fake beneficiaries such as Street Smart Enterprise Ltd.

Ultimate Beneficial Owners

According to UK Companies House, MoneyNetInt Ltd is controlled by three Israeli persons:

  • Raphael Yehudah Golan
  • Gil Asher Trif
  • Yishay Moshe Trif

The address of the company is given as Stirling House, 9 Burroughs Gardens in London NW4 4AU. UK FCA granted the company permission to provide payment services in 2014. Historically, MoneyNetInt has positioned itself as PSP for iGaming. So it’s hardly surprising that this PSP has also been active in the field of binary options. Many providers of the now banned binary options come from the iGaming sector.

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