Investor Warning – Broker scams TradesRun, 24tradex, BGold Capital, and their Balkan boiler rooms

Leverate with 3FidTech and their scams
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The TradesRun broker has been operated under several domains by several offshore entities such as Evergo Ltd, Marshall Islands. So were 24tradex and BGold Capital scams. However, these offshore companies are always fake. The truth is that these scams are operated by the Albanian boiler room of 3 FID Tech (a/k/a 3fidtech), owned by the Albanian Brisilda Duraku, who is also the (former?) beneficial owner of Global-Tech DOO in Belgrade. This boiler room company is the criminal entity behind many scams such as Brokerz, Tradixa a/k/a Tradi-Xa, Globalixx, Golden-CFD, and many more. We call them the TradeCabinet scams.

Scams and their back office

Trade Cabinet is the back office for many scams

We registered with TradesRun (www.tradesrun.co) scam and have been redirected to TradeCabinet (www.tradescabinet.com). This is again a typical white-label scam that is not even well done. Anyone who registers with the 24tradex (www.24tradex.com) or the BGold Capital scams will also be redirected to TradeCabinet. It looks like TradeCabinet is the back-end for several scams such as TradesRun, 24tradex, or BGold Capital.

In this structure, it is easier to change the scam brands on the front-end, we guess. The customer (victim) database, payment processors, and the processes behind them remain identical across all these scams.

The Balkan boiler rooms

At the Serbian Global-Tech, we found Isidory Hadzic on LinkedIn as Compliance Office. She has been working there since 2020. Krasimira Branimirova Tsvetkova is registered as the company’s legal representative. We were unable to determine whether Brisilda Duraku still controls the company. An inquiry by email remained unanswered. On Forex Peace Army (FPA), a new thread was opened recently where these persons and their companies are discussed.

Besides 3 FiD Tech and Global-Tech in Belgrade, other companies are also said to be involved in these scams as boiler room operators and marketing companies; the Bulgarian citizen Hristo Dimitrov Hristov is registered as a legal representative (read this report here).

According to whistleblower information, this network of boiler room operators in the Balkans is connected to the Leverate Group.

The Payment Facilitators

Payment processors are PayRetailers (www.payretailers.com) and EpayComfort (www.epaycomfort.com) via Elmones (www.elmones.com). Currently, the EpayComfort website is not available. We will take a closer look at these payment facilitators and report back.

The regulatory warnings

The Spanish regulator CNMV issued an investor warning against TradesRun in March 2020; the Italian Consob ordered the blackout of the website www.tradesrun.com in November 2020. It would be time for the Law Enforcement Agencies in Serbia and Albania to start actions against the Boiler Room operators in Serbia and Albania.

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