Scammers’ lifestyle – The ‘tens of millions’ of Yukom scammers Yossi Herzog and Kobi Cohen

Kobi Cohen and Yossi Herzog
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William Turvill and Melanie Newman have published an interesting piece of information about the two beneficial owners behind the Yukom scheme, Yossi Herzog and Kobi Cohen. According to U.S. prosecutors, this binary options scam has caused more than $140 million damage to tens of thousands of retail investors worldwide. The CEO of the Yukom Scheme, the Israeli Lee Elbaz, was found guilty of fraud with binary options by a U.S. jury. Previously, five former Yukom Scheme employees had pleaded guilty. Two former employees have already been sentenced to imprisonment and fined heavily.

According to the report on ThisIsMoney, a video shows Yossi Herzog boasting to his workforce about his millions.

I have enough money, I have tens of millions of dollars. I have companies all over the world, in Israel, in Australia, in Ukraine.

Yossi Herzog (Source: ThisIsMoney)

Kobi Cohen also funded an affluent lifestyle. Allegedly, he owns a luxury villa on the scenic west coast of Mauritius and drives an expensive white Range Rover Sport, wears a Rolex watch and was pictured in Piccadilly’s Ritz Club Casino.

Not only Yossi Herzog and Kobi Cohen have earned millions (stolen) as beneficial owners of the Yukom Scams. Their Israeli compatriot Gal Barak, the Wolf of Sofia, has also earned tens of millions with his E&G Bulgaria (comparable to Yukom) and his broker Scams XTraderFX, SafeMarkets, OptionStarsGlobal, and Golden Markets. He has acquired Gucci watches, Porsche’s and real estate.

The same applies to Guy Galboiz with his MigFin (comparable to Yukom). This is the luxury of the scammers at the expense of tens of thousands of injured retail investors. The good news for the harmed victims. The authorities in the USA and in Europe are working intensively to clear up this gigantic fraud with binary options.

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